Gabanintha Definitive Feasibility Study

Technology Metals delivered the findings of its Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) in August 2019. 

Key Deliverables













Key findings of the DFS shows the Gabanintha project is both technically and economically feasible with a Mining Reserve of 29.6Mt @ 0.88% V2O5 and targeted average production rate of 27.9 Mlb per annum V2O5. The payback of capital is estimated to be less than 3.2 years from the start of production.

The DFS outlines the scale of Project as the largest single primary vanadium producer in the world.

Highlights of the DFS are presented below.

Gabanintha DFS - Material Physical Assumptions and Anticipated Outputs 

Material Physical Assumptions and Anticipated Outputs














1 - Includes two year ramp up period, and blended transitional / partly oxidised feed in the early years.


Gabanintha DFS - Material Financial Assumptions and Anticipated Outputs

Project Financials














1 - US$10.59/lb V2O5 from 2028

2 - Includes A$49.5m contingency, A$64.9m RPCM, $13.9m owners and indirect costs. Does include $16.0m mining pre-production capital.

3 - includes crystallisation and ion exchange plants to reduce reagent (salt) consumption and increase recovery. 


Gabanintha DFS - Financial Metrics at Various Commodity Price Assumptions

Financial Metrics at Various Commodity Price Assumptions









1 - Historical 15 year mean vanadium pentoxide price from April 2004 to March 2019 (source: TTP Squared)

2 - PFS pricing averages US$12.82 over the operating life (as per ASX release 21 June 2018)