Fe-V Magnetite and Titanium

Fe-V Magnetite and Titanium

Fe-V Magnetite for Steel Producers

Several Chinese steel mills are designed to produce a vanadium slag from vanadium bearing magnetite ore. Historically, the feed material of these mills come from Chinese domestic mines that have lower iron and vanadium grades when compared to Yarrabubba.  The schematic below describes the smelting process and the point at which the vanadium slag is “tapped” and then concentrated to produce vanadium products.

Figure 3.Smelting process for vanadium bearing magnetite ores


Yarrabubba also has the potential of producing a titanium rich concentrate to be sold as feedstock to the Asian pigment industries. The average TiO2 content of the Yarrabubba resource is 9.9%, with over 12% in the massive magnetite ore types.